Okładka, karta, projekty i wzory menu - kArty Menu Lewandowski
Zespół kArty Menu Lewandowski bazuje na 90-letniej tradycji w tworzeniu i projektowaniu okładek, kart i wzorów menu. Gwarantujemy unikalność kart.
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Experience combined
with knowledge and passion


Custom designs
to meet your requirements


Outstanding beauty
highlighted in the details

Designing and creating menu cards and covers

Is a true joy for us, as well as a challenge. Each design is different and each gives us unique satisfaction. Our success is built on our experience and individual approach to the customer.


Fast contact means fast order turnaround. Are you wondering how to create an engaging menu card? Leave it to the professionals!


The first step in creating a menu card is to design a concept for the exterior cover as well as the interior of the card. We provide comprehensive graphic design services.


We can print cards on any paper you choose, using any print technology. We are prepared for even the most complicated printing techniques, such as silkscreen, gravure, or hand calligraphy.


We highly recommend cards made of acrylic coated fabric, a modern cover material which guarantees high durability and ease of cleaning.


We create our designs based on your guidelines. We believe that every restaurant should have its own exceptional atmosphere, which is why we are driven by an individual approach to every client, creating innovative and completely personalized menus and menu cards which meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of restaurateurs. As artists, we are committed to a hands-on approach to our designs. Each menu card is an original, inimitable design. Our craftsmanship and use of only the highest quality materials results in a robust and durable card which is resistant to soiling.


The delight that patrons feel when tasting the exquisite dishes created by the chef is the fundamental aspect of any successful restaurant experience. But before the dishes are served at the table, it is crucial to ensure that the process of choosing the dishes is enjoyable for the patrons and is an integrated part of the celebration of the meal. In this ritual, an essential role is played by the menu card – a sneak peak of what the kitchen serves, a message from the restaurateur which demonstrates commitment to taking care of guests. Many people interpret the menu card cover as the calling card of the locale, while the menu card itself is an encouragement to try out the restaurant’s offer. The Lewandowski Menu Card team understands this perfectly, which is why we offer an exceptional product, based on 90 years of tradition in the bookbinder’s art, as well as the latest production techniques.


For our menu cards, we use a wide variety of techniques including UV printing, laser engraving and digital print, while interiors are printed on matte film coated chalk paper. This solution allows us to combine aesthetic beauty with high functionality. We do not offer “pre-fab” solutions, and do not keep designs laying on the shelves of our warehouse. A personalized design for your menu card is not a template that is duplicated hundreds of times, but rather a unique creation which we develop together with you to reflect the unique feel of your restaurant.