Finishing - kArty Menu Lewandowski
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Embossed finishing

Embossing involves pressing a film into the cover material using a matrix or typesetter’s die. This can be done on a flat or cylindrical press. The machine heats the matrix to the selected temperature and embosses the film into the surface using a press. Embossing can be done using coloured, metallic, or even completely transparent films. This technique provides a very elegant and precise print for your company logo, resistant to everyday wear and tear.


This process involves covering prepared print with a very thin layer of film which is practically invisible at first glance. This protects the page from moisture and eases cleaning individual menu pages. A matte finish is most common, but we also offer shine and velvet finishes.

Choice of screws

Although this may seem like an insignificant detail, in fact it has a strong influence on the appearance and functionality of the card. The choice depends on the anticipated number of pages or passe-partout inserts which will be in the menu card. We are happy to advise you on the best choice for a specified purpose.